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hey, man

hi everyone! i'm new (looks like everyone else is too). well, i'll start off with a little about myself...my name's katie, i'm 13 and bisexual. i cannot stand bush. personally, i don't understand why people are so opposed by gay/lesbian/bisexual people. i mean, it's just a person's sexuality, not a contagious disease or anything. i don't see why can't people of the same sex can't get married. yes, i know the definition of marriage is the legal bond of a man and a woman, but still. i mean, why can't two people that love each other get married, desipte gender? i think it's the stupidest thing ever...i mean, people marry people with the same religion, race, skin color, hometowns (by the way i'm not saying all people do, i'm just saying this to back up an opinion), so why not gender? but yeah, i know i'm boring you, so i'll stop...well.......yeah. see ya!

oh yeah! i just want ot say this really quick...i like that book (geography club, i mean). now, i'm not entirley sure that's what you mean by it, but...i would have to assume it. xD
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