death_of_asylum (death_of_asylum) wrote in geography_club,

confused :(

hey... im in GSA at my school. i just started going this year cause im a freshman in high school. last year i met this girl and i thought i liked her cause i was too shy to approach her and when we talked i just... i dont know. then she moved and after a while i got over it but i still talk about her to friends and people who understand the "confused". ive only gone out with guys but alot of times ill accendentally... or purposly run into naked females online or in magazines and like... i question myself. i always wondered what itd be like to go out with a girl. and i find this girl that lives in my neighborhood attracted. people say its just my horomones but... i dont know. it seems more complicated than that. when it came time to me wanting to experiment i could never find the right girl. i dont know what this means. ok im going to stop blabbling on now... help me?
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